Become a Dominant Listing Agent

Before we get tactical, I want to present the questions that Tom asked us this year, at the Elite Retreat, in terms of the listing side of our respective businesses.

1. What does being a dominant listing agent mean to me?

We can't act until we are clear on our mission. Real estate is not a "one size fits all" business. The game plan is going to be much different for an single agent vs. a rainmaker for a large team. Some agents have a growth mindset, where as others have a fixed mindset. There are agents in my organization that don't want to scale up year over year and I don't take issue with that mindset. What concerns me are the agents who want more, yet don't invest the time to find clarity on what "more" means to them. Make sense?

2. How many listings did you take in 2017?

How many listings did you take the prior year and how did you do respective of your goal? If you didn't hit your goal, then the question becomes "What go in the way?" or "What could I have done differently to produce a better result?" 

3. What is your goal in 2018 for listings taken?

The keys to setting goals are simple, they need to be written down, they need to be visual, and they need to be aimed slightly higher than the desired target. If I walked into your office, would I be able to spot your goals up and visual with a quickly? If not, then we've found a high priority task to complete ASAP!

4. What were your Top 3 Listing Lead Sources last year?

Tracking and measuring is the catalyst for consistent growth. If you aren't tracking the source of each listing opportunity, start today! If you are, then identify your top 3 and focus your resources on those key funnels and ditch or delegate the rest based on ROI. Got it?

Here are the most profitable listing lead sources, ranked in order of highest ROI, for mega agent coaching clients within the Tom Ferry organization:

  • Database
  • Mega Open Houses
  • Farming
  • Agent to Agent Referrals
  • ZRT - Zillow,, Trulia
  • Expired Listings 
  • Seller Focused Online Marketing 
  • Sign Calls
  • FSBO
  • Investors 
  • Networking Groups
  • Client Review Based Marketing 
  • Home Builders 
  • Seminars 
  • Radio 

If you have questions, want to dive deeper, and/or develop ​an action plan for the any of the lead sources above, please call or text me at 251-583-9728 to schedule a FREE one on one coaching session.
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