Brazzell Insurance Agency

Special thanks to Mark Stejskal for being my first date for #joinjason for lunch! (meals that pay it forward)

Mark gave me a shot back in 2008 when I was hurting for business. Mark was working for what was RBC Bank at the time and they had a nice brick foreclosure they needed off the books in Robertsdale.

I earned the opportunity to list that home and that one listing turned into 2 or 3 pieces of business for me at a much needed time in my career as a real estate agent.

I have gone on to gain some influence in our market and it’s time for me to return the favor.

Mark began a new partnership with Brazzell Insurance Agency toward the end of last year.

He has an abundance of homeowners insurance carriers that want to compete for your business. All he’s asking for is a chance to provide a quote. I am asking you to give him an at bat.

He’s ready for you to test his responsiveness. Call or text him anytime at 251-895-6759 for same day service.

If he doesn’t respond right away, then he’s either serving at First Baptist Fairhope or gravely ill.

“Mark Stejskal goes above and beyond for each client I refer to him. His approach is very thorough & education based. My clients clearly understand their options so that they make the best choice possible for their homeowners insurance policies with no surprises down the road. That’s the kind of integrity I encourage my clients to rely upon.” - Amy Wilson