Elite Retreat on Facebook Changes

It's All About Engagement!

Facebook is the number one tool for the modern real estate professional! Yet, business users need to be prepared to adapt to frequent changes in the social platforms algorithm to ensure that their content is seen by the broadest audience possible. You or your marketing team will be best served by adopting a "Culture of Testing" in an effort to hone in on the current trends of "Pink Tie" content. The 2017 Summit attendees who witnessed Tammy Pack's talk on Facebook Marketing will remember her "Unicorn vs. Donkey" analogy, with the Unicorns representing the "Pink Tie" content. 

The game is creating content that attracts engagement. If your content is not engaging then it will be suppressed under the weight of the current Facebook guidelines. The social media giant understands just how much people want to be activated through valuable content, thus they are willing to go to create lengths to protect its users from "Donkeys." In fact, Facebook warns "pay to play" users that they are wasting their money by boosting stale content, regardless of their ad spend. 

This leads me to the great debate over which page to lead with, Business or Personal, and does the "90/10 Rule" still apply? The 90/10 Rule states that 90% of the content on your personal page should be personal and 90% of the content on your business page should be business related. According to Tom Ferry's head marketer, Facebook does not want us using our personal pages to predominately promote our respective businesses. This is a hard fact for me to swallow, as I get far more engagement on my personal page, regardless of the nature of the content. However, I am laser focused on bringing value to every page I maintain on Facebook. My plan for 2018 is to keep testing my results, limit mundane real estate content on my personal page, and become more purposeful with my business and community pages. 

Facebook wants us to Focus on LIVE Content and I'm currently not creating near enough engaging Facebook Live content on my business or community pages. I love to do live interviews on Facebook and I will be ramping this up on both my business and community pages this year. The question on the minds of most amateur marketers, is what are the best day and times to go Facebook Live. Tom Ferry advised us at the Elite Retreat to simply Google this phrase: best time to do facebook live in my time zone.  Pro Tip from Kyle Whissel: If you create highly engaging content on your Facebook Business Page, make sure that you personally invite every engager to like your business page. A big part of the reason our personal pages are more active than our business page, is that we are not as purposeful about building that following.

Tom said that some of his highest engagement comes from Saturday morning Facebook Live posts that are raw, unscripted, and from the heart. He has also found that in terms of producing live content, the longer the video is the better. Keep in mind that regardless of the length of your video, it's gotta be valuable or you lose. Make sure you engage with every person that joins your live video by acknowledging their presence and asking them to "heart me up" or "send me some likes" if they can relate to what you are saying. 

In summary, over index on your Facebook Business Page in 2018, stay laser focused on creating valuable, engaging content, and when in doubt GO LIVE