Movement Mortgage Deep Dive with Diana Will

Think Outside the Conventional: The Dream 2 Own Mortgage is the New Reality

Horses aren’t the only ones in blinders. Real estate agents can end up stuck in them too. After years of doing things a certain way, we can forget that other options exist. This is doubly true when it comes to the mortgage process. We all know how conventional and FHA loans work. You apply, send in some extra paperwork, and wait for a response. But, did you know it doesn’t have to be that way?

Let’s Meet an Innovator in the Mortgage Industry

Just because your grandfather did mortgages that way doesn’t mean you should. There are dozens of companies turning that wait-and-see model on its head, and Movement Mortgage is one of my favorites, not just because my wife works there. It’s a great company with a solid foundation and excellent set of morals.

Here are 4 things Movement does differently, according to Diana Will:

  • They Get You Approved Quickly: Because they start with underwriting, Movement Mortgage is able to approve buyers weeks before the competition or spot the deficits in their file. This is a win-win for everybody involved. You can learn more about Movement Mortgage’s 6-7-1 process by listening to the full podcast here.
  • They Donate to Charity: Movement donates roughly 45-percent of its profits to Movement foundation. This organization builds schools for and donates technology to underprivileged children in the area, built a Movement Center for non-profits to have low to no-cost work space, and so many more initiatives. You can check out more here:
  • “Dream to Own”: Movement Mortgage offers a unique loan program that is a maximum of 1% down, but typically NO money down. As one of the first no-money-down conventional products on the market, it’s a huge differentiator for the company and one of the favorite features is that it doesn’t require PMI.
  • Easy App: This app makes it easy for homebuyers to navigate the mortgage process by boiling it down into a series of checkmarks. And, as my wife says, it’s pretty.

That willingness to innovate is what allows Movement Mortgage to grow at such an unmatched pace. Like them, Diana advises all real estate industry salespeople to take a step back and think about a thing or two they can do differently from their competition. Also, stay on the lookout for new products and services that serve your clients needs and break down those barriers to homeownership.

Want to Hear More About Movement Mortgage and My Wife’s Work?

While I could prattle on about my wife and her work for a while, I’ll stop here. You can learn more about her and her Fairhope, AL Branch of Movement Mortgage by clicking here:

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