Proof Over Promises

Everyday you wake up and decide how you’re going to impact people.

What a treat it was to have local Life & Nutrition Coach, Laura J Hall, as my guest for #joinjason for lunch episode #10 at Tamara's Downtown.

Laura began her professional career as a school teacher. Today she’s not teaching lessons in a classroom, but rather sharing her personal experiences with a passion powerful enough to change lives. You know as soon as you meet her that teaching others how to accomplish their health, wellness, and financial goals is what she was born to do.

“The power of sharing experiences is how we can best serve others.” - Laura

She too, has had to overcome. She grew up poor and hungry. Meagerness at the dinner table left an emotional void that could only be filled by an abundant pantry. Having lots of food in her own house was a great source of comfort for her, especially after having her own children.

She struggled with her own physical health until a dear friend of hers shared a transformative experience she had with a nutrition and cleansing system. Laura dove in and followed the plan, replacing 2 meals per day with shakes and fasting weekly to cleanse her body of toxins.

The result was proof over promises. She lost weight, gained tons of energy, and became obsessed with coaching others up to similar levels of success. Whether you realize it or not, “Everyday you wake up and decide how you’re going to impact people,” Laura said.

Over the last 5 years as a coach, she’s helped facilitate hundreds of transformations. For many, a strong mindset is rooted in a strong body. If you hire her to get healthy, be prepared for the journey to start in your pantry. She’s going to teach you how to achieve optimum health by shopping smart, eating clean, and exercising efficiently.

“She genuinely wants people to live a better life and that’s the ultimate expression of humanity.” - Victoria Jones

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