Skyler McClain's Fateful Pivot

I heard it said recently that you can’t see the picture when your inside the frame.

The trajectory of Skyler McClain's life changed in an instant, yet in that moment he could never have imagined that he'd find his true God given talent as the result of injury.

This remarkable young man shared his story with me over lunch Warehouse Bakery & Donuts for episode 13 of #joinjason.

A fishing accident left Skyler partially blind in one eye. Can you imagine the trauma of having a fishing hook snag your eyeball? This injury ended Skyler’s baseball career. His goal had been to attend college on a baseball scholarship.

The finality of this fateful experience gave Skyler the luxury of time to ponder his pivot. Little did he know at the time that this devastating event would be his miracle moment. It began with the purchase of a GoPro at the age of 15 and quickly evolved into a creative obsession.

“If you like the quality of your work from a month ago, then you’re not working hard enough.” - Skyler McClain

Posting as a hobby on Instagram began to draw attention to his talent. His first paying gig was taking senior portraits at Fairhope High School in 2016. With the inspiration and guidance of virtual mentors on #YouTube, like Sam Kolder, Skyler began to master videography. He experimented with lifestyle video production while on vacation with his parents in Seaside. His destiny was validated when The Fairhope Store & The Orange Beach Store hired him to create marketing campaigns for their collective brands.

The next milestone was being granted the opportunity to be 1 of 4 videographers at this year's Hangout Music Festival. Life for Skyler has not been the same since. The recognition of his talent has paved roads of opportunity that the college experience won’t be able to match. No matter what door this young man chooses to open, I am confident that a bright future, filled with endless possibilities awaits the arrival of his talent and tenacity.