The Queen of Lower Alabama Benefits

Meagan Nicole Talbert was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama and was fortunate enough to have been able to spend most of her young life in the company of her grandparents, Sherman and Martha.

Meagan described her grandfather Sherman as the epitome of strength, hard work and a person who would go above and beyond to help someone out no questions asked. And her grandmother Martha as spontaneous and constantly doing something to make everyone laugh.

“She was even kind enough to pass down her wild, unmanageable curly hair to me.” -Meagan Talbert

Meagan credits her grandparents for teaching her the power unconditional love and acceptance can have in a person’s life and strives to be a better each day knowing she has two guardian angels watching over her. She lost them both to cancer, which is why she spoke so passionately during #joinjason episode 17 at Southwood Kitchen about working in an industry that helps people protect themselves and their families when unexpected medical events occur.

After deciding to make the move to Baldwin County in 2012 and with the help of a pretty amazing new friend, Meagan snagged a job in car sales and a place to live with said friend as a roommate and co-parent to the two puppies she found to adopt. She quickly fell in love with the Eastern Shore and it was just icing on the cake when she met Andy, her now husband just a few months after moving to the area. Andy and Meagan were married in 2014 at his grandparents' beautiful lake property in Cropwell, Alabama. They live in Fairhope, Alabama like to spend their time adventuring on bikes or catching live music at one of the great venues in our area.

It was later in 2012 she was introduced to Colonial Life and begin a career of helping people protect what matters most. While working in the insurance industry, Meagan sees the real life behind the scenes version of people’s situations after dealing with a medical event and it isn’t always good. People struggle to pay for necessary medical treatment or go without it every single day due to skyrocketing costs or lack of access. After spending the past seven years working directly with her clients and medical facilities, she has more than a few stories to share of being able to make a positive impact in a real way.

“What I do doesn’t save lives, but it does save their finances and their sanity.” -Meagan Talbert

Nearly a third of Americans are uninsured and another 38 million or so do not have adequate insurance coverage. Meagan has made it her professional mission to be their advocate, to guide them through the confusion that insurance can often be and help them prepare for unforeseen health emergencies.

On September 1st of last year Meagan opened Lower Alabama Benefits - Meagan Talbert in Daphne, Alabama conveniently located just down from Southwood Kitchen. The focus of LAB is to meet personal insurance needs and serve the community through as many avenues as possible. Meagan currently serves on the planning committee for the American Cancer Society Chili Cook-off held in March each year in downtown Mobile, Alabama. All funds raised from the event go directly to cancer research and treatment. The money stays in our community! This event holds a very special place in her heart and she would love for everyone to follow an attend.